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Podcast: World War II veteran Jack Vier tells his story to Rye High students


Rye High School students have a better sense of ancient (to them!) history now, thanks to a recent visit from local World War II veteran Jack Vier.

As I wrote in my story last week, Vier may be 90 years old, but he still sounds like a hell-raising young soldier.


His annual visit to Rye High teacher Bob Steel’s history classes included a lively mix of accents and “French” words. He also shared some sobering stories about the battlefield horrors that still fuel his post-traumatic stress disorder (as fellow World War II veteran Dominic Esposito also described in last week’s podcast).

You can hear some of Vier’s stories on this week’s At Ease! podcast. (Use the podcast button on our sidebar or the iTunes icon at the bottom of this post to download it. However, it can take a day or two for new podcasts to show up on iTunes, so for now, you can just listen live by clicking the audio link below.)


Posted by Nicole Neroulias on Friday, April 18th, 2008 at 7:30 am |