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Shots heard round the world when soldier pocket-dials from Afghanistan


Have you heard about this frightening recording accidentally left on an Oregon family’s voice mail by their son, a soldier fighting in Afghanistan?

Stephen Phillips, 22, was battling insurgents when his phone pressed against his Humvee and redialed his parents a few weeks ago. Most of the sounds were gunfire, but shouts can be heard – including “More ammo!” and “Incoming, incoming!” – before the message cuts off.

Fortunately, after hearing the message, Phillips’ family members told reporters they had been able to reach him to confirm he and the other soldiers in his unit had survived the firefight. One of his siblings posted the audio on YouTube, as “Brother’s Firefight” on April 21, and the recording has been picked up all over the world since then.

Phillips’ family said he has been serving with the Army’s 546th MP Company 3rd Platoon in Afghanistan for about a year, and could return to Fort Stewart, Georgia, by the end of the month.

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