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PTSD poetry workshops for veterans planned in White Plains, Nyack


If you fought in a war, but still believe the pen can be mightier than the sword, there’s a workshop that might interest you.

Jim Murphy, a Vietnam veteran from South Nyack, invites local combat vets interested in writing poems or short stories about their experiences to participate in Post Traumatic Press Writing Workshop for War Veterans. The group, led by a Lehman College writing instructor, will meet at 7 p.m. April 28 in White Plains; participants will determine dates for the next four to six sessions.

“We only have room for a couple more vets in this workshop, but we will have a larger group in September,” Murphy said. Future workshops will be held in Nyack, he added.

Participants in this year’s workshops may be published in the group’s poetry collection, Post Traumatic Press 2008. The 2007 collection included Murphy’s poem “Black Granite Panel 53W, Row 13,” about Alexander Roczen, a friend killed just a few weeks after arriving in Vietnam.

The wall doesn’t tell us about his parents, his twin sister Alexandria; a younger sister Nancy and a brother Kenneth… a mother who grieves to this day… his father, a decorated WWII hero who never forgave himself…

That he had freckles, a big gap in his front top teeth, that he wasted his money trying to shave,
That he had a really goofy smile…
That he thought getting to third base with a girl was holding her hand…
That when we caddied he always got the really fat guy with a 40 handicap…

and on the football field he was the gutsiest,
his uniform the dirtiest.

The record doesn’t tell us that… he wasn’t even in-country a month… in the service barely 6 months.

And 41 other guys died on July 4th 1968…

For more information about the workshops, e-mail editor Dayl Wise at dswbike@aol.com.

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